Tea is healthy right?

Do you know that most tea contains dangerous amounts of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

CBC cited a CFIA study that found that most big tea brands use banned pesticides,

you can read it here:  https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/pesticide-traces-in-some-tea-exceed-allowable-limits-1.2564624

The study says:

A CFIA study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry this past January found that pesticide residues in dry tea leaves do make their way into brewed tea. “The pesticide residues were likely transferred from tea leaves to brewed tea during the brewing process, and may therefore pose a risk to consumers,”

So is tea really a healthy drink?

Of course it is, this has been known for centuries, and now there is even science that shows why:


Tea is a healthy drink and appropriate for most people, but tea grown with farm chemicals may not be healthy.

I’ve worked in the tea industry for a decade and imported tea from all around the world during that time.

I care about my health, the health of my clients, and the health of the world so I made the decision a year ago only to carry tea leaves from farms that don’t use any pesticides.

How is that different from organic tea?

Organic tea does not mean tea grown without chemicals, in fact an organic certification is just a way of showing that a farm uses specific chemicals that are deemed safe by a certifying body.

I’ll say it again, organic does not mean chemical free.

Organic certification is a common trick that tea and other food vendors use to create trust with their customers, but at the end of the day it doesn’t carry any weight if you really care about what natural and unnatural products go into your body.

I used to carry many kinds of tea, some chemical free, some not, but today I only carry chemical free tea leaves and for the time being I only deal with one farm.

Three Purities Organic Tea Garden in Nantou Taiwan only produces chemical free tea.

The farm owner Mr,Li does not use:

  • Chemical Fertilizers:   Instead he mulches the soil with local leaves fallen from trees, then he introduces earthworms to the soil to soften it and make it richer in minerals.
  • Pesticides:  Instead, the earthworms attract birds which eat the pests that normally eat tea leaves.
  • Automation:  Instead of using combines to harvest the tea, which destroys the bushes and soil, he collects the tea entirely by hand, carefully ensuring that trees are not damaged in the process.

Mr.Li is doing his part to provide well made, safe, delicious tea, and reduce pollution.

You don’t have to be a tea expert to appreciate that this is a higher order of tea, it is probably the best tea produced in his entire region.

Have you ever tried tea that is produced with no agricultural chemicals?

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