Monk’s Fruit, what is it?

Monks Fruit, grows in South China and is used as a herbal medicine.

How did I find out about Monk’s Fruit?

My Tai Chi teacher Yin Qin introduced it to me one fall while I was visiting him in Shanghai.

He told me that Monk’s Fruit is good in the fall since it moistens the throat and smooths the lungs.

This makes breathing easier.

Why We Take it?

the fall months are dry, so you should eat foods that lubricate the throat.

Because of its lubricating properties monks fruit can relieve dry cough.

Monk’s Fruit is sweet, making it a popular sugar replacement with the Keto crowd.

The sweetness of Monk’s Fruit does not come from Fructose or Glucose like other sweet foods.

instead it comes from a group of chemicals called Mogrosides.

Mogrosides do not have the same harmful effects on the teeth, or glycemic index as sugar.

Monk’s Fruit and its extract is a relatively safe sugar replacement.

In fact, Monk’s Fruit is often used in Chinese Medicine formulas to treat side effects of diabetes.

That does not mean that you should eat all the time, moderation is key.

Who can take it?

Most people can eat Monk’s Fruit safely.

it is considered a cooling and sweet herb, so it is best for people who have excess heat conditions such as:

inflammation, painful burning constipation, productive cough with heavy yellowish mucous.

These are all conditions which Monk’s Fruit may benefit…

Who shouldn’t take it?

If you are very thin,  prone to upset stomach,  lethargy and exhaustion you should avoid Monk’s Fruit.

its cooling properties can aggravate these already existing conditions.

How to take it?

Because it is difficult to buy fresh outside of China so most people make tea with the dried fruit.

Break off a few grams of either the shell or fruit, but don’t add too much.

Just a few grams is enough.

Monk’s Fruit can also be made with Black or Pu’er Tea and can smooth the throat, intestines, and improve circulation.

Should you eat Monk’s Fruit?

The bottom line is that you should be aware of your own body and what it needs.

If you don’t know whether a herb is right to eat,  talk to a Chinese Medicine Professional.

Herbs can help or hurt depending on who takes them and how much they take.

make sure to educate yourself and talk to a professional.

Monk’s Fruit is relatively benign as far as Health Food trends go.

it is one of the safer ones.

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