TCM Six Tai Chi Teacher Lin Zhang performing the “Ward off” Posture from the 24 form, it is the best kind of Tai Chi for beginners.

What kind of Tai Chi is best for beginners?

People often ask me what kind of Tai Chi is best for beginners, read on to find out!

Many people want to start learning Tai Chi but don’t know how.

Even though there are lots of choices, it can be difficult to settle on a style and teacher.

There are five styles of Tai Chi in total including Yang, Chen, Wu, Hao, and Sun.

Each style is slightly different, with Yang style being the most popular and Chen style being the most athletic.

Most beginners start by learning a short form, which is a sequence of Tai Chi that only has a few movements.

Short forms are great for beginners!

If you want to learn Tai Chi and have never learned before, it is best to learn a short form.

These Tai hi forms usually have between 10-24 movements and are easy to memorize and practice.

Most people find the 24 posture standard short form to be manageable and it is taught in most Tai Chi schools.

Short doesn’t mean less:

Tai Chi is based on the philosophy of softness overcoming hardness and relaxation overcoming tension.

Practicing just a few movements is every bit as good as practicing many movements.

In fact, most masters in China only practice a few movements at a time each morning.

This helps them master the form more completely.

short forms are convenient:

Just focusing on a few movements means that you can learn them more deeply.

A short form usually only takes five minutes to practice, so you can do it even if you are busy.

If you want to practice more, you can just repeat it a few times.

You can always learn the long form later:

Even if you start with a short routine like the 24 posture standard Tai Chi, you can always learn a long form later.

The Yang style long form has 108 movements, but many of them are repetitions and are also in the short form.

Where to learn the 24 posture standard form?

You can learn Tai Chi in person or online.

TCM Six offers a weekly Tai Chi Class in Alexander Muir Memorial Park in uptown Toronto near Yonge and Lawrence.

Visit this page for more info:

We teach the 24 form, advanced Yang Style 108 form, and Bagua, an art of spiraling movements similar to Tai Chi.

Beginners area always welcome!

Here is a great Youtube video of an award winning Chinese practitioner doing the 24 form: