Don’t Collapse Your Posture

Don't Collapse: Don't let your body collapse when you practice martial arts. Most people understand this concept, but forget to apply it. My teacher always told me to "Extend more," which at the time I didn't understand. Extending the body in Internal Arts practice is...

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What kind of Tai Chi is best for beginners?

Tai Chi is based on the philosophy of softness overcoming hardness and relaxation overcoming tension.

Practicing just a few movements is every bit as good as practicing many movements.

In fact, most masters in China only practice a few movements at a time each morning.

This helps them master the form more completely.

How Acupuncture Treat Pain

How Acupuncture Treat Pain

Want to know how acupuncture works? This article is all about how acupuncture is used to treat pain by improving blood flow and releasing inflammation. If you want to start feeling better and think acupuncture might work for you, start by reading this article!

Is Tea Really Healthy?

Organic certification is a common trick that tea and other food vendors use to create trust with their customers, but at the end of the day it doesn’t carry any weight if you really care about what natural and unnatural products go into your body.

Introducing Dao Yin: Moving Qigong.

Qigong has a myriad of health benefits including supporting breathing, reducing blood pressure, and strengthening bones, but few people understand how it is organized as a system. Even famous teachers sometimes only know how to perform Qigong exercises, but don't know...

The Three Levels of Tai Chi Training

The Three Levels of Tai Chi Training: Article by Robert Coons: We all know that Tai Chi is good for you. Studies have shown that it can strengthen bones, improve range of motion, and prevent falls in the elderly, but few people know what it can do at a high level. In...

Monks Fruit: Should I eat it?

Monk's Fruit, what is it? Monks Fruit, grows in South China and is used as a herbal medicine. How did I find out about Monk's Fruit? My Tai Chi teacher Yin Qin introduced it to me one fall while I was visiting him in Shanghai. He told me that Monk's Fruit is good in...

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