Don’t Collapse Your Posture

Don't Collapse: Don't let your body collapse when you practice martial arts. Most people understand this concept, but forget to apply it. My teacher always told me to "Extend more," which at the time I didn't understand. Extending the body in Internal Arts practice is...

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Monks Fruit: Should I eat it?

Monk's Fruit, what is it? Monks Fruit, grows in South China and is used as a herbal medicine. How did I find out about Monk's Fruit? My Tai Chi teacher Yin Qin introduced it to me one fall while I was visiting him in Shanghai. He told me that Monk's Fruit is good in...

Introduction to Acupuncture: What is an acupoint?

Acupuncture is a form of medical treatment which has been practiced in Asia for more than 2000 years and involves the use of small needles inserted at the skin surface to assist the body in healing from wear and tear by helping the body adjust itself and assisting our...

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