New Patients

Are you experiencing pain, discomfort, or chronic ailments and live in West Toronto?

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can help.

Each time you visit at TCM Six you are treated by two licensed acupuncturists using proven techniques ranging from:

  • Acupuncture,
  • Tui Na Massage,
  • Acupressure,
  • Cupping,
  • Gua Sha (scraping),
  • Tai Chi and Qigong Therapy,
  • Nutritional Counseling,

Registered Acupuncturists Lin Zhang and Robert Coons are dedicated to facilitating your healing journey.

We believe that working with two practitioners provides better service and access to a broader set of treatment modalities since each practitioner has their unique strong points.

Visit our Dundas West location at:

Wholistic Care Center,
2238 Dundas St W #215 M6R 3A9


Consultation by phone or video meeting: Free!

20 Minute Initial Diagnosis: 1 time only fee of $35,

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatment: $95/50 minute treatment.

We offer affordable, high quality service with lower rates than other clinics.

Insurance policies accepted:

We accept many private insurance policies for acupuncture treatments which can also include other services such as cupping, gua sha, acupressure etc…

Note: in order to qualify for insurance the treatment must include acupuncture treatment.


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