Our Philosophy:

Over the years we’ve noticed that most Acupuncture clinics are very busy, often treating more than three patients at a time.

This means that professional Acupuncturists run from room to room, only having short moments to check in to make sure their patients are alright.

While it is still possible to get benefit from this type of treatment, it isn’t ideal since it makes truly personal treatment impossible.

That’s why we created the TCM Six Acupuncture Method, a specialized one on one treatment strategy specifically tailored to each individual we work with.

Each person is completely unique and no two people have the exact same health issues.

Subtle differences like body type, diet, emotions, and culture all have genuine impacts on how we experience health.

Our process recognizes the diversity of needs of each individual and our goal is to treat every patient with compassion and understanding.

This is why all of our treatments are one on one and why we stay in the room with you during your treatment.

This way we can observe how the treatment is going, if any changes need to be made, and how you are adjusting to treatment over time.

Because we intentionally spend more time with each person, we also make a careful analysis of each individual case and do extra research about the best approaches to treatment.

We are one of handful of clinics in Toronto where all of our staff are truly bilingual in English and Chinese, which means we are able to delve deeply into the core reference materials of Chinese Medicine literature.

This is very similar to how a doctor reads case studies and we view it as an indispensable part of our practice which has more benefits than simply putting a needle where it hurts.

We are also a clinic deeply rooted in the Daoist philosophical and spiritual tradition which holds kindness, compassion and harmony with nature as its highest values.

The body is like a country with its own lakes, rivers and streams, it is these passages that often become blocked over time and that we seek to reconnect in order to help you regain vitality.

Our treatment doesn’t stop with needles, we are also fully available to help you learn useful skills to improve your health daily without taking up all of your time.

We believe that all Acupuncturists are doing their best to help their patients live healthier, happier lives, but we also stand firmly behind our faith that the unique style of personalized treatment we offer is among the very best.

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