Rose Bud Tea 25 g




Rose Buds: 25 g:

Rose Bud is one of the most famous herbal teas in China and has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years to invigorate Qi and blood, warm the spleen and stomach and make people feel calm and peaceful. As few as two or three rose buds can be brewed in a cup with boiled water in order to bring a state of deep calm and make your blood and energy feel invigorated.

There are also many traditional recipes which can be used to cook with rose such as rose rice cakes, and even medicinal wine mulled with rose.

Another truly amazing use of rose is as a before breakfast herbal tea which can increase your desire to eat and help you digest your food more smoothly.

The Herbal Pharmacopia of Food says:


“(Rose) is sweet, slightly bitter, warming, and without poison.”

This means that Rose Bud tea can be used by most people and be used as part of a healthy lifestyle to encourage circulation of Qi and blood, assist in some menstrual issues, help digestion, and simultaneously calm and stimulate the mind.

Rose Bud Tea is great with cinnamon, rock sugar, and can also be combined with Green, Black or Oolong Tea leaves to make a potent and tasty blend.

Why not have a look at what Traditional Chinese Medicine Documents have to say about Rose Buds:


The pharmacopia of food:


“benefits the lung and spleen,


assists the liver and gallbladder,


stops pathogenic and filthy Qi,


Has a wonderful perfume and is sweet when consumed,


It makes people feel deeply comfortable.”


Medicine Nature Discussion:


moves blood, breaks up collection,


dissipates stasis blood from injury,


can be brewed with alcohol.”


The New Herbal Pharmacopia:


opens constrained Qi from the liver and gallbladder,


Builds up the spleen and lowers fire,


stops cold pain in the abdominal centre,


and accumulated cold in the stomach,


and it can break up (accumulated) blood.”

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