Qigong and Meditation

Do you want to feel young again?

Qigong and Meditation are ancient systems of healing which use movement, breath, and intention to:

  • massage the body,
  • open your joints,
  • circulate healing energy,
  • repair injury,
  • improve your emotions,
  • transform your experience of your body,
  • change your life for the better.

Hi, my name is Robert Coons, I’ve been studying and teaching Qigong and Taoist Meditation for twenty years in Canada, Europe and Asia.

My job is to open a door to facilitate your healing and growth through meditative movement, breath and inner stillness.

Qigong and Meditation have been scientifically shown to:

  • reduce stress,
  • improve balance,
  • strengthen bones,
  • reduce pain and inflammation,
  • generate feelings of well being and connection,

in our classes we study traditional Qigong movement techniques and various meditations from the Taoist tradition which include breath work, visualization, and stillness.

These techniques radically improve circulation, organ function, and mental health, I know because I have used them to heal myself and have seen dozens of students get in touch with their bodies and minds and really improve their lives.

Join us Thursday evenings from 7 to 8:30 PM at:

Wholistic Care Center,

2238 Dundas St W #215 M6R 3A9

Classes are by donation so please pay what you can.

Contact us now to enjoy your first month of classes free!

If you enjoy the classes and want to keep going after your first month we have three billing plans:

Package 1: $20/class,

Package 2: $60/month (save $20),

Package 3: $300/6 months (save $180).

We also teach private lessons, please inquire.

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