Tai Chi at Home

Learning Tai Chi can be difficult, especially when you have to run all over town to find a good teacher, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

These days it is more and more common to get services like groceries, massage, and private training at home, why should your Tai Chi Class be any different?

Do you want to learn Tai Chi from the convenience of your home?

Our world class teacher Robert Coons is offering a special opportunity to learn professional level Tai Chi without having to leave your front door.

So what’s the difference between learning 1 on 1 at home V.S. taking an online class?

Tai Chi is all about the details and to obtain the most benefit from your practice you need to have a good tutor to help you master each movement step by step.

Robert will go through each movement with you in detail to make sure you know exactly how to perform the posture in a way that is safe, but also challenging relative to your level of fitness and ability.

1 on 1 study also gives him an opportunity to teach specifically to your body type.

With Robert’s background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, he is able to see immediately how to optimize your movement for the highest possible benefit and the lowest possible drawbacks.

If you live in North Toronto (including uptown, midtown and North York) Robert can come to your home and teach you in person. Classes are 1 HR long and cost $80, or $120 for two.

If you’d like to try a class you can get a 25% discount on your first lesson, so don’t wait, send us an email using the registration form below!

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Registration Form